July 9, 2015

Our Programs & Camps

Infants Class (Ratio: 2:9, 3:11)

Children 6 weeks to 12 months old

Our prachim (little flowers) benefit from a wide variety of sensory and motor experiences in a hands-on, nurturing setting where teachers work with the infants’ natural feeding and sleeping schedule. Low ratios and one-to-one interaction stimulates brain development and creates a bond between caregiver and infant. Additionally, every infant has his or her own crib in our separate, soothing nap room.

You will often see our infants in our 6-seat baby buggy visiting the playground, music class, or Shabbat! They love to explore.

Toddler Transition Class (Ratio: 2: 11)

Younger Toddlers, 12 months to 18 months old

Toddlers moving into our transition room experience both independent and group play, while getting the reassurance and comfort they need in a “pre-preschool” environment.

Toddlers learn social skills and independence, fostered through many activities including: art, story time, music, sensory activities, movement and, of course, plenty of physical activity. Low ratios provide the opportunity for the toddlers to bond with their teachers and build their independence in a safe atmosphere.

Toddler Class (Ratio: 2: 11)

Older Toddlers, who turn 18-23 months by September 1

Our toddlers begin to explore the world around them through teacher-led activities, independent activities, indoor and outdoor play, music, art and movement. Through social exploration, Solel Preschool toddlers begin fine-tuning communication skills, as well as motor coordination. Positive self-esteem also blooms as our toddlers learn about sharing, manners and taking turns. Independence and responsibility are encouraged by teaching serving and cleaning up during snack and lunch times.

Twos Class (Ratio: 2: 13)

Children who are 2 years old by September 1

The Twos are often when children experience their first school separation from parents. Understanding this, we provide a warm environment that encourages children to take pride in their accomplishments, move toward independence, and work together to explore their world and improve their skills. Independence is a focus through serving and pouring during family-style snack times. Our themes throughout the school year center on families, friendships, emotions, Jewish holidays, and how the body works – including encouragement of potty training, as appropriate. Additional focus is given to physical activity and healthy eating in our two-year-old classes.

Threes Class (Ratio: 2: 18)

Children who are 3 years old by September 1

Three-year-olds continue their emotional, social and academic growth as they master basic skills in a developmentally appropriate play-focused atmosphere. At this level, our engaged learners explore the calendar, listen to and share stories, and are introduced to counting and patterns. Threes also focus on beginner ABCs, creative representation, classification, sorting and understanding time and space. Independence and responsibility are continued in the Threes, with family-style snacks and helping throughout the day in the classroom.

Pre-Kindergarten Class (Ratio: 2:18)

Children who are 4 years old by September 1

Pre-Kindergarten is an exciting time, filled with personal growth, curiosity and leaps in independence. We harness longer attention spans and prepare for Kindergarten by adding appropriate structure to the day, with plenty of time for play. Pre-Ks focus on key learning components such as social relations, classification and seriation (comparing attributes, ordering sets, etc.), science experiments, problem solving, and creative expression. Handwriting Without Tears: Get Set for School, a multi-sensory approach to teaching readiness and writing, language and literacy, and numbers and math, provides a developmental progression that builds on what the children have previously learned. By the end of the year, Solel Preschool graduates are well prepared for Kindergarten and beyond.

Special Activities

We are proud to offer “specials” – weekly activities integrated into our core morning program.

  • Music: Toddlers through Pre-K
  • Storytime in the Children’s Library: Toddlers through Pre-K
  • Judaica: Threes and Pre-K
  • JumpBunch: Toddlers through Pre-K
  • Shabbat Celebration: Friday morning is a precious time as we come together as a school for a special Shabbat service. Together, we sing songs, learn prayers, dance – and even get visits from the Shabbat Dinosaur! Each class continues Shabbat in their classroom with a special snack, story time and tzedakah collection.

Scheduling Options

The Solel Preschool offers several flexible-scheduling options:

  • 2, 3 or 5 days per week (depending on age)
  • Parents may choose:
    • Full-day: 7:30am-5:30pm (4:00pm close on Fridays)
    • Core Program: 9:00am-1:00pm
    • School day, plus naptime or Limudim K’tanim (depending on age): 9:00am-3:00pm
  • The Solel Preschool school year loosely echoes the Scottsdale Unified School District schedule, running from mid-August through mid-May. Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break Camps are also available (additional tuition required).

Limudim K’tanim: Little Lessons

Limudim K’tanim is our 1:00-3:00pm program for Threes and Pre-K (non-napping children).

Each afternoon includes a special focus including science, cooking, music, art, puppetry, games, or Shabbat, along with circle time, free play and playground time.

Afternoon Enrichment Classes

Afternoon Enrichment classes are offered between 1:00 and 3:00pm for our Threes and Pre-K children. Class offerings change yearly but may include: tennis, gymnastics, dance, cooking, art, computers, Spanish, JumpBunch, Soccer Shots, Sportball and more.

Spring Break Camp

A camp experience offered for infants through Pre-Kindergarten held during the spring break from preschool. We offer continuity of care with our amazing staff and the same convenient hours of operation. Campers will engage in thematic activities and lots of fun for this week-long experience!

Camp Solel

It’s more fun in the sun! Camp Solel opens its doors from late May through early August, offering families the consistency of familiar teachers and friends, the same convenient hours as our school year, and maximum flexibility throughout the summer. Weekly/daily themes, plenty of water play, and a few special guests make the hot desert days fly by.  Camp Katan is for our infants through Kindergarten, and our NEW Camp Gadol is for our First through Third graders.

Winter Break Camp

A camp program offered for infants through Pre-Kindergarten held during the winter break from preschool. We offer continuity of care with our amazing staff and the same convenient hours of operation for this two week program. Campers will engage in thematic activities and lots of fun!

Solel Preschool PALs Playgroup

PAL stands for play and learning, which is exactly what we will be doing! Children infants through 3 years of age (with a grown-up) are invited to join Miss Angela for songs, stories, art projects, sensory play, and much more! We will meet Tuesday mornings from 9:15-11:15am when school is in session.  Bring a snack for your child and plan to get messy and have fun!  Registration is required.  Contact Mary Ann at mabloom@templesolel.org or (480)991-4545 for more information or to register.

Registration Dates

  • School Year: Mid-January (for the following August-May)
  • Summer Camp: Mid-February (for the upcoming summer)

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